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Rally Obedience

CARO Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience has become one of the most popular (and probably our most favourite) dog sports over the past several years, with opportunities to compete.

In our Rally O classes from Beginner level up to Versatility Excellent and NEW Working Class we are specialized in CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) as both our trainers are certified CARO judges.

Rally O is a venue for those who desire an activity that is fun and games. It is not simple or easy, but challenges handlers and dogs in a partnership that improves heeling, focus and teamwork.

The ability to work as a team during a Rally O performance, the handler’s ability to maintain the dog's attention and attitude at a high level are all challenges.

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Rally O Beginner / Novice Classes

If your dog has completed a Basic LifeSkills Class or similar, has a good focus and walks pretty good on leash it might be ready for our beginner Rally O class.

In this class you are taking your first steps into Novice level, learning the different exercises, signs and rules of Rally O. Loose leash walking in heel position, sit, down and stand on your left side, sit or down-stay-walk-around and much more will become a great routine in your daily practicing on walks.

We work with food lure and reward based methods, no force or preassure will be used, it's all going to be fun and games.
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Next Rally Beginner Class starting:

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Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150

Rally O Novice, Advanced, Excellent Classes

Once you have mastered the beginner class you will be moving up into Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Versatility and Versatility Excellent levels.

Your trainers Patricia and Kim will support you to getting ready for your first trial experience whenever you're ready.

Both, Patricia and Kim are Certified CARO Judges and Crazy Jumpers is hosting at least two official CARO Rally O trials a year.



- dog is on leash, to your left
- walk on a loose leash in heel position
- sit in heel position
- down in heel position
- stand in heel position
- walking around dog sit or down
- right and left turns 90°, 270°, 360°
- weave and spiral around cones
- sit front, go around or swing in left
- change of walking pace


- the dog is off leash, to your left
- walking in heel position
- sit, stay, leave, call front
- sit, stay, run, call to come
- stand, stay, leave, walk around
- moving down, walk around
- walking by food-dishes
- sending over a Jump


- dog is off leash, to your left
- changes of sit-down-stand
- more moving exercises
- stand, leave - distance work
- send over Broad Jump
- Weave
- Tunnel

Novice, Advanced, Excellent Signs


Rally Novice

Tuesday February ? 2023 at 6:30pm

Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150

Rally Advanced

Wednesday, February ? 2023 at 6:30pm

Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150

Rally Excellent

Friday, February ? 2023 at 6:30pm

Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150


Patricia is compassionate, highly educated, and an absolutely first-rate dog handler. I've competed in her CARO Rally ring, and against her in dog sledding.
You can expect a highly-organized, well-run show, and her boarding kennel is the same. I would leave my dogs with her any time. Highly recommend!
Asmara P.

Rally O Versatility / Versatility Excellent

Rally O Versatility is a lot of fun and quite challenging for dog and handler as we start working the dog on our right side as well.

Currently the move up into Versatility level happens once you earned your Excellent Title but it is in the works that CARO will offer the move up as soon as you earned your Novice Title.

We think that is a great idea and start working on both side as early as possible to make sure the dogs don't get too confused when they suddenly have to switch sides.

Versatility comes in two levels as well, Versatility and Versatility Excellent. Next to new signs where the dog is switching from one side to the other, there will be Novice signs performed to the right in Versatility and all levels from Novice, Advanced and Excellent to the right in Versatility Excellent.


CLASS DETAILS Versatility / Versatility Excellent


- dog is off leash, to the right and left
- new exercises for changing side
- Novice signs perfomed to the right
- Jump, Broad Jump, Tunnel, Weave to the right

Versatility Excellent

- dog is off leash, to the right and left
- more new exercises for changing side
- distance work to left and right
- Jump, Broad Jump, Tunnel, Weave to the right
- Novice, Advanced and Excellent signs perfomed to the right


"The only place to go for dog training and boarding!"

I have been attending classes at Crazy Jumper for over 11 years with my three dogs. With the positive reinforcement techniques used in class, we have been very successful trialling in both CARO Rally and agility!

And when we are away and can't take the dogs with us, we only board them with our trusted friend! Patricia is awesome and I will continue to attend classes at Crazy Jumpers, because dogs will always be a part of my life.
Kimberly with Bishop, Rook & Arrow

Working Class

CARO Working class is going to be a new class we are adding to our Rally Classes.
Here is a description out of the CARO Master Handbook:
The Working Competition is not an entry level program. It requires off leash control and the ability of the dog to work under distracting conditions. There are three divisions in the Working Competition - Rookie, Elite and Expert. Each of the three divisions is split into two subdivisions of five exercises.

Working Class 1 will get you and your dog started on the basics for these five tasks to master the working class exercises.

- Distance Work - sending over a jump - Cone work - Retrieve - Scent work


Subdivision I

- Drop on Recall
- Retrieve on the Flat
- Barrel Racing
- Directed Jumping
- Designated Retrieve

Subdivision II

- Back Away
- Round the Clock
- Distance Exercises
- Retrieve over Jump
- Scent Discrimination


Rally Versatility 1

Tuesday, January 10 2023 at 6:30pm
- Friday, January 13 2023 -> FULL

Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150

Rally Working Class 1

- Wednesday, January 11 2023 at 6:30pm
- Saturday, January 14 2023 -> FULL

Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150

Terms and Conditions

Our group classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.
Payment is due at registration.
Cancellation of your class spot more than 24 hours notice before the first lesson is eligible for 85% refund (15% administration fee).
No refunds issued if you cancel your spot shorter than 24 hours or after class started.
Should a class get cancelled due to the weather we will add one more class to the end of the session.
No refund for missed lessons.

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