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Crazy Jumpers Private Dog Park

I am officially offering a Sniffspot! If you’ve never heard of Sniffspot, it’s like Airbnb for dog parks! Come let your dog play safely without distractions and have the time of their life!

We offer a beautiful 2 acres all fenced-in area with some play structure, a hill with built in tunnel and even a swim pond.

Let your dog run and play! There is so much space to use and hey, why not work on some recall and teach your dog to come when called in a safe and private area, totally worry free.

Bring a frisbee or a ball and have fabulous time with your dog.

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Swim Pond

Our Swim Pond is also available for you and your dog (separately fenced in). bring a towel.

Let your dog enjoy our dug-out pond and cool off between the play and walk sessions.

The water in the pond is from our well, we re-fill regularly, have two air-stones in it when no dogs are in there and add a natural supplement for healthy bacteria. Some algea will still build up and we try to remove it as good as possible.

Our own dogs are enjoying the pond as well and everything is safe.

Should there be a problem due to too many algeas we would announce it at the gate.

Book your time-slot here:

About Sniff Spot

Sniffspot is a community marketplace that enables anyone to rent land by-the-hour as a safe and private dog park.

Dogs enjoy Sniffspot dog parks for all kinds of different reasons and goals, spanning from exercise to training or even training classes and much more. Whatever your primary goals, there is a Sniffspot dog park for you.

How is Sniff Spot different from public dog Parks?

Sniffspot is about safe spaces for dogs. Sniffspot only allows one booking at a time and is a private spot for exercise, whereas anyone can visit public dog parks at any time. Sniffspot locations have control over their calendar and can block any time, whereas public dog parks are always open. Additional differences include that Sniffspot requires all dog owners to register and certify vaccine status, Sniffspot requires guests to pay a price for the visit experience vs offering free visits. Sniffspot provides 2M of liability insurance to our hosts and a Sniffspot can be anything from open land to a backyard or front yard

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