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Crazy Jumpers Dog School offers multiple levels of LifeSkills / Manners / Rally Obedience classes. Classes are one hour a week for six weeks.

Puppy Kindergarten

This class is for puppies aged 10 to 16 weeks. Vaccinations must be up-to-date.
Puppy Kindergarten emphasis is on producing people- and dog friendly dogs that are calm, focused, confident and optimistic.
Our game based training techniques prepare your puppy for their future life, allowing them to approach each new and exciting situation with the right skills, minimising fallout, bad choices and bad experiences.

Puppy/Basic LifeSkills Class

We either run a seperate puppy class if there is enough puppies, else we will integrate them into our Basic LifeSkills Class Great for puppies and dogs that need a refresher on manners. This can be a mixed class for both adults and puppies.
In our Basic LifeSkills classes we will build up your dogs confidence, focus and calmness through impulse control.
Your dog will learn how to walk on a loose leash and how to follow off leash, to focus, sit-, down- and stand-stay, leave it, how to settle and to come when called.
Our fun and game based training lessons provide a great structure for you to continue training at home.
Dog training is a life-long process. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Advanced LifeSkills / Canine Good Neighbour

This class is designed for people who would like to continue working with their dogs and/or preparing their dog for the Canine Good Neighbour CGN Test from Canadian Kennel Club CKC.
In this class we are working on the 12 tasks that are going to be tested as well as continuing on the exercises and games learned in the Basic class.
If you are interested in learning more about the CKC Canine Good Neighbour Test, here is the link.
Crazy Jumpers is hosting a CGN Test once a year if there is enough interest.

Family Dog Class

Our Family Dog class is probably our most interactive class.
An ongoing class for advanced dogs where the owners not only enjoy working in all different kinds of activities with their dogs but also the social aspect is very big in this class.
We are working on Obedience and Rally Obedience tasks, some Agility, Canine Good Neighbour and every now and then going Out-and-About for a walk through town.

Rally Obedience

Rally has become one of the most pupular (and probably our most favourite) dog sports over the past several years, with opportunities to compete. In our Novice and Advanced Rally O classes we work on CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) the most as both our trainers are certified CARO judges, but can also work on CKC Rally and RallyFrEe Rally exercises.
RallyO is a venue for those who desire an activity that is fun and games. It is not simple or easy, but challenges handlers and dogs in a partnership that improves heeling and teamwork.
The ability to work as a team during a RallyO performance, the handler’s ability to maintain the dog's attention and attitude at a high level are all challenges.


We offer private lessons to meet the unique needs of you and your pet.
Whatever your struggle is, talk to us and we can find a solution.