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Patricia started Crazy Jumpers Dog School in the Fall of 2009, the Boarding Kennel in May 2013.
Patricia, her spouse Richard and Willy the cat, immigrated from Switzerland in 2008. The move to their little farm in Fraserwood was a dream come true for these animal lovers. Patricia and Richard share their lives with multiple dogs and cats.

Patricia's 'doggie career' started at the age of 18 in Switzerland. She competed with her Collies in international dog shows in puppy, junior and standard classes. Patricia also trialed her dogs in all levels of agility throughout Switzerland. In her spare time Patricia worked as an Agility Trainer and Instructor as well as a Puppy Class Instructor.

In Canada, Patricia's involvement with dogs continued. She is training and successfully competing with multiple dogs in Agility, Rally Obedience and Sled Dog Races and is continuously working on her education as a dog trainer.


In our Dog School we offer force free, positive reinforced dog-training for you and your K9 companion.
Our teaching methods focus on game based learning methods that shape good choices and desirable behaviours.
In our classes and 1on1 lessons dogs learn how to be confident, calm, show self-control and optimism and so much more.

Boarding Kennel: We maintain one of the most comfortable and interactive Dog Boarding Facilities in the Interlake. Your pup will have the greatest time in a fun and safe environment away from home.
- with huge, all fenced-in run-outs
- air-conditioned and/or heated, comfortable rooms
- lots of TLC from a certified dog trainer and well trained staff
- lots of socializing with other dogs or all private if needed
- just the best place for great doggie-vacation


- Puppy Class instructor
- Obedience trainer and instructor
- CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOUR class instructor
- Rally Obedience judge, instructor and competitor
- Agility instructor and competitor
- Winter Sport pulling-class instructor
- Train and Running sleddogs
- Handler for the 8-dog winner in the Canadian Challenge 2017 and 2018


- CPDT-KA, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed
- Certified CARO Rally Obedience Judge
- Certified PRO DOG TRAINER from Absolute Dogs
- ICS Certificate as Obedience Trainer and Instructor
- Certified Puppy Class Instructor
- Certified Agility Instructor
- Certified Advanced Agility Instructor
- C.L.A.S.S. Instructor and Evaluator
- Pet First Aid/CPR Certificate