Agility – invented in the year 1978 in England as pause filler during the Crufts Dog Show – is very popular all over the world. It is a wonderful combination of accuracy and speed, but most of all, TEAMWORK!

Crazy Jumpers Dog School offers four levels of agility classes. Classes are one hour a week for eight weeks.


Beginner Agility introduces dogs and their handlers to basic obstacles. You and your dog will work on becoming comfortable with each piece of equipment. You will learn how to direct and motivate your dog through easy sequences.

Dogs have to be at least one year old to start in our beginner classes. To have success in agility your dog must know some basic manner cues such as sit, stay and lie down. A good recall is very important. Your dog needs to be socialised to other dogs.


The Novice class continues obstacle work and more sophisticated handling. More advanced obstacles will be introduced. Your dog will be working off leash most of the time.

Sequences will be longer and more challenging. You will discover what works for you and your dog and develop your own personal style of handling.

Novice agility is for dogs with basic agility experience. Basic obedience is expected. Handlers must be physically able to run with their dogs.


Intermediate agility focuses on handling-stressing spoken and unspoken communication between you and your dog. You will work on challenging obstacle combinations and start running full courses. The emphasis is for each dog and handler to find “the perfect way” to work as a team.

Dogs in an intermediate class need to be comfortable on all obstacles and able to run longer combinations. The handler must know all the commands and be able to lead their dog through every set up.


In spring 2011 we started with our Advanced Agility Class. This class is working on a high level and is participating in competitions.

Next to the regular training we also work in a show group to demonstrate on local rodeo shows and other events.