About Patricia

Patricia Tschanen

started Crazy Jumpers Dog School in the Fall of 2009, the Boarding in May 2013. Pat, her husband Richard and Willy the cat, immigrated from Switzerland in 2008. The move to their little farm in Fraserwood was a dream come true for these animal lovers. Pat and Richard share their lives with five dogs and three cats.

Patricia started her 'doggie career' over 30 years ago in Switzerland. She competed with her Collies in international dog shows in puppy, junior and standard classes. Patricia also trialed her dogs in all levels of agility throughout Switzerland. In her spare time Pat worked as an Agility Trainer and Instructor as well as a Puppy Class Instructor.

In Canada, Pat's involvement with dogs continued. She is training and successfully competing with 7 year old Australian Shepherd, "Snippy", 4 year old Mini Aussie, "Luna", and the 3 year old Cattle Dog x Hound, "Fred" in Agility and Rally Obedience.
After the loss of both older sled dogs "Frisky" the Husky and "Blue" the Border Collie and in May and July 2013, Pat adopted two retiered professional sled dogs from Yellow Knife, "Nice" and "Hyder" and is starting running them last winter. Went to two races, won 1st place twice..
The new Border Collie "Peekaboo" was a rescue dog and came in pregnat...surprise, surprise.... "Nanuq", one of her puppies was the newest member of the 7-dog-pack. June 2014: another rescue moved in: 2-year old Australian Shepherd "Panda.

A newer obsession from Pat is running sled dogs! A student in her agility class is a local dog musher. Their mutual love of dogs led to Pat becoming a handler and assisting with training a sprint racing team. Assisting with these Alaskan Huskies has introduced Pat to the differences between working dogs and house pets.
Patricia runs her own team of "Fluffies" on the sled now and enjoys this kind of winter-activity a lot!


- Puppy Class Instructor
- Obedience instructor
- Agility instructor
- Agility competititor
- Rally Obedience intructor
- Rally Obedience competititor
- C.L.A.S.S. Instructor and Evaluator
- Handler for a sled-dog musher
- Train and Running sleddogs


- Puppy Class Instructor Certification
- Agility Instructor Certification
- Advanced Agility Instructor Certification
- ICS Certificat as Obedience Trainer and Instructor
- C.L.A.S.S. Instructor and Evaluator
- Pet First Aid/CPR Certificate

Continuing education:

- Tellington Touch seminar
- 'Playful from Puppy to Dog' seminar
- Agility training camps with international coaches
- ICS Certified Obedience Trainer and Instructor
- written and online resourses
- Rally Obedience Seminars
- C.L.A.S.S. Instructor and Evaluator
- ongoing webinars

adopted a pregnant Border Collie in July 2013

What a wonderful experience!This was for sure one important part missing in my education and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity raising a litter of nine puppies, as my Foster-Kids for Hulls Haven Border Collie Rescue.